Watch your language

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If you find yourself using phrases that aren't quite correct English you are probably using a loaded phrase that means something to a particular group, science, movement, religion, organisation etc.

If you find yourself using words that have had their meanings changed for a particular cause or purpose, the person you are talking to may not understand you correctly, and you may not interpret them correctly when they use the words without the new meanings you have attached to them. This is communicating in Doublespeak.

Using language in new ways separates people into groups. Those "in the know" start to feel closer to their group and those not "in the know" become harder to understand, and to understand you. This leads to division, mistrust, misunderstanding, and sometimes eventually to hatred.

This is a tool. So it can be used and misused.

Be aware. Share common language when you can. If you can't find normal words and phrases to describe your overloaded language, you are transmitting ideas and ideologies unwittingly.